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Zero coding required, design exactly the way you want.
Incredible creatives who are creating their maps on Mapspot
Oh I tried so many map solutions out there for all of our shops. Mapspot hits the right spot on so many things!
Samantha Chaple
Mapspot is my go-to map solution. I use it with all of my club members to mark our favourite bird-spotting locations.
Amos Picker
Mapspot has all the right features and does exactly what it says it does and delivers. Thank you guys for making this tool!
Harry Tyler
Imported all of my 500 locations in one go and sent my map out to my 2,000 followers - all in 4 minutes. I'm speechless. Well done Mapspot.
Lauren Mills
I'm not a programmer and I didn't want to use so many different tools to create a map. Mapspot solved it all for me.
Sonny Chiang
Love Mapspot's collaboration feature to build the map with other people's input. It's fantastic!
Shane Jackson
Just created a map with all the locations from my PhD. Viewing all of my work in one single place is great and to share it with others is even better.
Niko Tolios
What an awesome product. It's fast and their support is brilliant. Can't believe no one else thought of this before.
James Jakobi
Join these fellow creatives and build your map today.
Mapspot is for you.
Whether you're a business person, a developer or an entrepreneur,
Mapspot gives you the platform to launch a map solution for your need.
Enterprises & Corporates
Got many branches and offices in multiple locations around the world? Have lots of datasets with location information which need to be placed in one visual platform? We designed Mapspot specifically targeting at this problem. It's your perfect solution.
Research & Development
Running your research and have lots of location data? Need to communicate with a visual tool to your stakeholders? Import your data to Mapspot and create a map application instantly.
Creatives & Entrepreneurs
Want to quickly spin up a custom map application prototype? Mapspot gives you the control and flexibility to add contents, authentication, membership features to make your map shine.
Map lovers & hobbyists
Love maps and love marking locations with data that you love? Love creating mashups and share with others who want to participate? Use Mapspot's collaboration feature to build your passion & community.
Digital organizers
Bookmarked too many locations but can't find them? Mapspot is your digital location bookmarking service. Always find that map, marker and location you love.
Community owners
Ever wanted to start your own community around location data? Mapspot gives all the features you need. Start small with a few locations and start building from there. We help you every step of the way.
Everything you need to build your own map and grow a community around it.
High Quality Maps Only
Add your location data with images, text and videos and Mapspot will do the rest of rending a beautifully interactive map with built-in filters and social features - all with zero coding.
Filters, Categories & Tag
Organize your locations exactly how you want. Add categories, sub-categories and tags that appear as filters items, so your visitors should be able to find exactly what they are looking for on your site.
Build organic Traffic
Mapspot integrates with many social platforms so that your map and its locations will be tweeted, posted on Tumblr, Blogger etc. Get traffic to your domain you would otherwise not get - unfair advantage.
Membership, Out of the Box
Mapspot has all the features for membership. Let your visitors become members by registering, logging in and then engage them to return to your site for quality data they love.

In addition to memberships, visitors to your site can also sign up for newsletters to receive regular updates. Have them returned to your site again and again with your map.
Engage with Social Features
Get your users to vote, like, comment and ask questions on your site, turning them into a more engaged usesrs and thereby forming a community around your map and its data.

Add your own domain name
Further personalize your Mapspot site by adding your own domain name. It's as simple as clicking a button. Mapspot will also enable HTTPS automatically with redirect options available.
Analyze This
Mapspot also provide in-depth analysis on how your site is performing, so you can intervene when necessary. We have an admin dashboard and weekly report to keep you informed.
Themes for Your Map
Make your site personal & stand out by choosing from growing list of themes that we have. But that's not all, you can further customize your site's look & feel by directly changing its CSS.
Add Custom Static Pages
What if you need to add custom pages to write down some static contents like About Us? Well, go right ahead and add as many pages as you wish to your site.
Custom Links
You can also add as many custom links to your Mapspot site as you wish. Perfect for building out backlinks, Mapspot lets you order them and add them to header, navigation and footer.
Integrate with others
We are building out more integrations with other popular services such as HubSpot, Drift and Tawk chatbot widgets, Facebook, WordPress and Reddit and many more planned on their way.
Maximize your SEO
Change your META tags, participate in backlink-sharing with other Mapspot sites and keep users via iFrame, all so that your site can rank higher in Google - all built-in and automated for all your domains.
Translate Your Site
Change every text and wording on your site to your own liking. If you want, you can even translate the entire site to another language of your choice to further target your site to your audience.
Backed by Awesome Support
Above everything else, you will realise that our services and features are backed by an awesome support team. Reach out to us any time, and you will hear from us very soon with updates and solutions.
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